I coach online many kettlebell sport athletes all over the world. Under my distance tutorial, they have achieved ranks, became winners in many competitions, and even established world records.

My online coaching program includes a personalized 4-week training plan tailored to your goals and daily direct access to me for questions, video feedback, technique tips, and more.

The scheme of online coaching follows:

1. I create a personalized month-long training program tailored to your goals and direct access to me for questions, video feedback, technique tips by Facebook Messenger, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and other messengers.

2. You record a video of each training session. Based on these videos I provide you with feedback and tips for improving your technique.

3. In addition to the kettlebell program, you also receive GPP (general physical preparation) and SPP (specific physical preparation) plan for improving your skills and endurance.

4. Also, you will get tips on nutrition and diet patterns.

Daily direct access to me for questions, video feedback, technique tips, and more.

Here’s what my clients have to say about my online coaching:

Elin, Sweden

Svetlana has been my coach for about two years this summer. I needed a change in my kettlebell training and decided to try to have her as my coach. I had had some online coaching before, but not in this extension. At first, I was a bit worried about the arrangement, but that was not for long. It’s so easy to get in contact with her, send videos and such. During this time Svetlana has helped me not only with kettlebell training, she has also helped me with nutrition and some rehab training. She always takes time to answer questions, change my training program with short notice or just give advice. Together we have, among others, won world championship in kettlebell marathon and we have broken a world record. I would strongly recommend Svetlana as a coach since she is keen, well-educated and such a nice person.

Mark, New Zealand

Online coaching with Svetlana for the last 12months has had so many benefits for my kettlebell sport training. To have a structured program weekly has taken the guess work out of achieving my goals. Her eye for detail has improved my technique 100%. Svetlana is very quick to answer any of my training questions Would highly recommend her as a coach. She is very professional, experienced and has wealth of knowledge to share.

Chad, Australia

When I first started training with Svetlana, I knew absolutely nothing about kettlebell sport. Svetlana was able to make training easy and non-intimidating. Having access to ask Svetlana questions anytime has been really helpful and with her teaching I’ve been able to compete in under a year of training” let me know if that’s too long or if you would like something different. I’ll start training soon so I’ll send through the videos in a couple of hours

Kate, Russia

Svetlana is an excellent coach. It is a pity that I am a student — so-so. I had online training structured to my individual plan, which was built taking into account my time and physical capabilities. A detailed analysis of the technique, mistakes, processes in the body and preparation for the competition is only a small part of what I received with the program. Thank you so much for your support and faith in me. I’m continuing my own training. I won’t quit and I really hope that life circumstances will allow me to return soon.

Jonas, Belgium

I thought I am able to do more than what I thought I could do when I was training on my own. So, my potential is more than what I thought. Svetlana is available every day, and always giving tips to improve my technique.

Dmitry, Russia

I have been under the coaching of Svetlana Daniliuk since July 2019. Since January 2020 I have had only online training and due to the beginning of the pandemic online at home. Before my training with Svetlana, I have been doing amateur general physical training according to programs from the Internet. I came to the kettlebell sport as an absolute beginner at the age of 47. Pros of online training are the ability to learn from the world champion; an individual

program, compiled by a trainer, taking into account the background and capabilities of the trainee; there is constant communication with the coach, with a detailed analysis of the training sessions and the possibility to adjust the training program if necessary; the ability to train at a convenient time for yourself anywhere and even business trips are not an obstacle to the training process; savings because the cost of online training is lower than a gym membership. From the zero levels to the 1 rank officially registered at competitions in three disciplines of kettlebell sport: long cycle, 30 minutes half-marathon (long cycle), 60 minutes marathon (long cycle) are the results of 1.5 years of my training experience with Svetlana, as well as improvement of physical condition and the conviction conveyed by Svetlana that any set goal is achievable.

Jake, Mexico

I had the fortune of being trained and coached by you since the Pandemic started. Thanks to your devotion and dedication, in these past few months I have improved in technique, resistance and strength! This has been, without a doubt, one of the best trainings in my life! I will keep it up for as long as I can! Thank you!!! Jake Laniado Sh, MEXICO CITY

Daniel, Costa Rica

As an aspiring coach, I really love Coach Daniliuk’s persistence in emphasizing technique. I love the programming and definitely felt challenged by the workouts to the point where my muscles are sore and reconstructing themselves. Having a lifetime experience in working with others in a virtual environment I can say that clarity is always key in delivering messages electronically. Coach Daniliuk’s communication is direct and straightforward which is essential in coaching on a virtual environment. I’m definitely looking forward to my continued work with my coach.

Maxim, Russia

I have been doing online training for six months, this is my first experience of training with kettlebells and the first experience of training online, so I wanted to trust a good specialist. To be honest, I have thought for a long time to make a decision. Previously, I rarely had training with free weights and was even afraid of this, since I have some health problems. There were many doubts. But interest prevailed and I decided to try. It was difficult to start, I did not understand the technique of the exercises, some were completely new. But Svetlana’s interestingly constructed workouts, her explanations and training videos help to overcome all my doubts and difficulties. I like that feedback can be received not only on the program, but also on any other issues. Summing up, I can say that the training and the communication process itself exceeded my expectations. Sometimes, it even seems to me that our training takes place in real life.

Callum, Scotland

Svetlana provides well-structured training programmes that she coaches brilliantly.

I have often found the technical side of kettlebells difficult to work on, but Svetlana made it so easy to understand. She breaks it down very well. Aside from being a great coach she was always attentive and quick to reply. Top personality too.

Ilya, Russia

Svetlana is an excellent, highly qualified coach. I was previously engaged in other strength sports. I can evaluate the approach to the training process from the methodological and pedagogical points of view is as excellent. With regard to the result, the technique is in place. The loads are growing steadily and safely. The regular pleasure from the training process itself

Helson, Brazil

As a coach, I have learned a lot from Svetlana’s online training. She is a trainer with a very simple view of training, this helps you to easily understand her methodology and its application in practice. Best investment I made in the practice of Kettlebell Sport!

Jeff, USA

Svetlana has been great to work with during this pandemic, always identifying and clearly explaining ways to improve KB skills. Workouts are well thought out and are easy to follow. I am a basketball coach, and I highly recommend her if you want to get better.

Vaida, UK

Svetlana is a very professional and strong personality. She is demanding, pushing you hard but also oriented in your fitness goals achievement. She is a great master in Russian kettlebell lifting. Her ‘Can do’ attitude inspired me and steered to the right direction in my lifestyle changes. After few months of training with Svetlana I feel much better about myself. My body is stronger, my mind is sharper and I can easier manage and control my daily stress. Thank you, Sveta!

Rebecca, Germany

I am really very grateful for Svetlana’s help. Her training introduced me to the depths of Russian sport. I thank Svetlana for her care and the path that she went with me. Much love Rebecca

Karla, Peru

When I start in kettlebell sport, I lifted but really, I didn’t know much nothing about technique, endurance, breathing in performing, until I start being coached by Svetlana. She is totally committed to my work on kettlebells, teaching step by step how to be better in each lifting. Her work is not only about lifting, she works to make me stronger in mind. I totally trust in her work and feel very grateful.

Galya, Russia

Svetlana is a good and demanding coach. It is very important for online distance training to keep the focus on the student’s technique and she does it very well. Interesting programs, constant monitoring of your training. Good practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of Svetlana leads to an excellent result.

Beto, Panama

The most valuable lesson I got from Sveta: be patient. Been a coach myself, is pretty easy to get carried out in the pursuit of results. She made me ground my expectations and to work on the basics, in order to get a sustainable training. The second most valuable lesson been: understanding that having different techniques from other athletes is perfectly fine, because it is also easy to try to copy pro athletes’ techniques in order to be better.

Svetlana, Russia

For me it was surprise that kettlebell sport became the most important part of my life. Thanks to my fitness trainer Svetlana Daniliuk. We started our kettlebell classes on distant basis when I was in Manchester, UK, but Svetlana was in Saint-Petersburg. In the beginning I was a little sceptical about usefulness from distant fitness exercises. But I was wrong — thanks to persistence and precise instructions from Sveta her kettlebell classes gave me much more than usual fitness. My body changed for the better and my endurance and stamina increased a lot. Svetlana has a lot of trait of great professional trainer — perseverance, strength of mind, care about her students, about their comfort and progress in kettlebell sport. A great thank you!

Victor, Russia

In 2013-2014 I had a chance to practice in CrossFit at EuroFitness gym on Krzhizhanovskogo in St. Petersburg, where Svetlana taught a couple of CrossFit classes, replacing the CrossFit coach. So, there was an acquaintance, but not only with Sveta, but also with kettlebell sport, since world-class athletes trained in that gym. There I also had a chance to study the basics of kettlebell sport. I was amazed at the endurance, coordination and strength of the kettlebell athletes that often took part in our CrossFit «battles». In 2020, I decided to try to practice kettlebells on my own in Tolyatti. There is no kettlebell sport section in the city and I had to face several problems: 1) How to draw up a training program 2) How to improve technique 3) What exercises to add to the program as specific preparation. To answer these questions, I asked Sveta, who during this time became the champion in kettlebell sport and record-holders (I followed her social networks). Sveta compiled an individual training program for me for the day, tracking my progress by the videos which I sent, and giving absolutely comprehensive details about the kettlebell sport equipment. In six months, I moved from a 16kg kettlebell to a 24kg kettlebell and did accessory exercises with a 32kg kettlebell. I exercised at home during the pandemic, the program was especially drowned up based on the current conditions. Of the minuses, I note that sometimes I frankly did not take out the exercises that I had in the program, but I associate this rather with insufficient recovery due to my lifestyle.

Nadezhda, Russia

Svetlana is an adept of kettlebell sport, I am incredibly glad that I fell into the hands of a professional, having never heard anything about kettlebell sport and its benefits! I am a mother on maternity leave and it was comfortable for me to study at home, the lesson plan was drawn up specifically for me. It is convenient to study online, forming my convenient time. Svetlana was able to notice all my mistakes. I am wondered how she managed to do this! My progress was noticeable, and my mood and fitness has improved significantly. Sport gives confidence and strength! It is impossible to forget, and I will return to this sport to my number one coach Svetlana!

Dea, Singapore

I have been doing online training with Coach Svetlana since Dec 2019. She provides feedback for all videos sent to her. She is very concerned about my progress in all aspects especially physically and emotionally. When I am injured, she will always adjust or even redo my program. Not only that, sometimes, she will also video call me just to make me understand that my body form is not correct for some workouts so that I don’t get myself into more unnecessary injury. She is

always motivating me although I know most of the time, I am not good in all snatch, jerk and long cycle. But, I do enjoy her programs and coaching and will definitely continue my online learning sessions with her.

Natalia, the Nederland

I attended a masterclass with Svetlana, and she really helped me understand where I was going wrong in some movements. I also trained online with her and really appreciated the detailed feedback on the videos I sent her. An excellent teacher, in person and online!

Franco, Peru

Eternally grateful to Svetlana Daniliuk. When I started training kettlebell sport I realized that I was lacking some technique and theory. Svetlana not only helped me to improve my technique but also to teach me to be a better professional. Nobody has her methodology and above all she is a good friend of the KETTCLUB family. THANK YOU!

Javier, Costa Rica

Without Svetlana’s guidance and coaching I would not have been able to reach the level that I currently have. She took me from 0 to competition level. Svetlana has great knowledge and experience regarding Kettlebell. She is a great example of a woman excelling in a mostly male sport, having great knowledge and experience regarding Kettlebell.

Dario, Italy

Svetlana’s online method is great. She sends the program and then day by day keep in control your work by video’s exchange. She is able to put her corrections on your training so smoothly because her knowledge of the kB sport and also humans movement is huge. I sincerely recommend her as a trainer.

Elena, Russia

I studied snatch and swings under the guidance of Svetlana, first in the gym, then in the online format. I liked the clear explanations of the nuances of the exercises. In the online format, Sveta noticed all the inaccuracies in the technique and suggested how to fix them. I was very surprised how she could see the mistakes in movements on the video. Svetlana is a professional in her field and just a very sincere person. I recommend Svetlana to all beginners or those who want to improve their training technique with kettlebells💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃

Zoltán, Norway

I wanted to start with Kettlebell sports, and luckily I found Svetlana on Instagram. Her way of making taylorfitted programs for her students has been perfect for me, both when it comes to finding the right level, and time consumption. As a father of five, my spare time is limited, but Svetlana had no problem with making programs that fitted my schedule, and still offered gains and progression. Her way of explaining and motivating is very good, and I would gladly recommend her services to anyone wanting to learn about and excel in Kettlebell sports. — Zoltán 35, Norway.

Maira, Brazil

Svetlana appeared in my life in this pandemic moment where I was lost about many things, including body practices, which is a very important “compass” in my life. How to maintain practices in a different way at home? And then yes, I found my compass and connection in kettlebell sport and her very attentive and detailed taughts. This pendulum movement is not only fun but also poetic :)… it tells a lot about life. Svetlana was also so helpful and connected in lots of different moments of the trajectory not only of the kb, but also of my life. It’s so nice to fall in love about something new and I am so thankful to the existence of this such empowered women I admire so much! Thank you my dearest coach!