My life story

With over 5 years in the fitness and sport industry it has been a long journey to become the sport and fitness coach that I am now…


In 2005 I graduated Saint Petersburg Transport University (Russia) with a major in financial management and I started my career pathway at Russian Railways as a manager. I had different managerial positions in this corporation in marketing, corporate internal audit and accounting. While working at Russian Railways for 5 years I visited the local gym after a full day at the office. Attending different fitness classes such as spinning, tae-bo, functional training, boxing and step aerobics classes was like a reward for an entire day of paperwork. Being involved in fitness life and still working as an accountant, I completed the University of Fitness Technology fitness instructor course majoring in classical and step aerobics levels 1-3, strength and interval classes, functional training and Pilates. A double life had begun. I was a manager during the day and a fitness instructor in the evening.

After awhile, I realized that I didn’t have enough knowledge and I made a decision to apply to Weider College of Fitness and Bodybuilding (Saint Petersburg) which I graduated with honors. Being always keen to explore new fitness trends I continued participating in various seminars such as Kangoo Jumps, fitness for pregnant women, fitness for children, TRX-training etc. In addition, being passionate about health and nutrition I completed the Nutrition Ergogenic and Basic diet course, Metabolism and Blood analysis in fitness and sport course.

And eventually…

in April 2015 I turned up at the kettlebell workshop with Sergei Rachinskii, Denis Vasilev and Alexander Khvostov. That was the point at which things really started to change in my life.

Only two weeks after this seminar I competed at WAKSC Grand Prix White Night competition in Saint Petersburg (with single a 10kg kettlebell in the long cycle discipline) and one month after in July 2015 I quit Russian Railways and began my sport and fitness career as an instructor and personal trainer at the Eurofitness sport club, where I’ve now been working for 3 years.

Since then I’ve obtained my Master of Sport in 2x12kg Long Cycle Marathon and Candidate Master of Sport 2x16kg Long Cycle, 2x16kg Biathlon in 53kg weight class. I became the champion of WAKSC World California Open Championship and an overall female champion of Asia Championship in 2017. Moreover, I was the winner of international competitions in the USA, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Japan and Ireland. In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to train people at Texas Kettlebell Academy in Austin (USA) and AlphaFit in Singapore.

I am a World record holder in the 2x12kg Long Cycle Marathon and 2x16kg Biathlon. In addition to this, I participated in the 6-hour kettlebell marathon event which took place at EuroFitness GYM (St. Petersburg) and lifted 3495 reps in Jerk with a 10kg kettlebell.

I was the first woman in Russia to start competing in the long cycle discipline (a double kettlebell lift), having done so since 2015. The Long Cycle was not allowed for women in Russia until 2018.

During this competition period, I was also an Executive director of Eurofitness sports club and a master student from Lesgaft Sport University (Saint Petersburg), which I managed to complete with honors and received a Masters degree in physical education. I realized that sport and fitness are my lifelong vocation.

In addition to competing in dozens of Kettlebell Sport competitions nationally and internationally, I have competed in tug of war and achieved the rank of Candidate Master of Sport and won the two times Championship of Russia. Tug of war is a sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team’s pull.

Now I represent the international educational company KETAKADEMY, conducting workshops and seminars around the world. Indeed, I coach amateur and professional kettlebell athletes online as well as fitness lovers.

Not only will you have the opportunity to practice in kettlebell sport and fitness disciplines with me, you will also be able to study nutrition, fitness programs, stretching and psychology.

If you want to get the best education possible, consider coming to Saint Petersburg where I will be able to provide you with private one to one coaching and a unique training program.

My qualifications:

🔺 Master in physical education from Lesgaft Sport University (Saint Petersburg)

🔺 Certified Bodybuilding and fitness instructor by Weider College of Fitness and Bodybuilding, Saint Petersburg

🔺Coach of the international educational company KETAKADEMY (ссылка на сайт).

🔺Teacher of University Fitness Technology which conducts certification fitness instructors in Russia

🔺 The member of WKSF (World Kettlebell Sport Federation) scientific committee

🔺Certified Instructor of classical and step aerobics 1-3 levels, strength and interval classes, functional training and Pilates by University of fitness «Fitness Star»

🔺 TRX licensed instructor in Sport medicine suspension training and Group suspension training.

🔺 Nutrition Courses by Weider College of Fitness and Bodybuilding: «Nutrition Ergogenic. Basic diet», «Nutrition Ergogenic. Nutraceuticals», «Nutrition Ergogenic. Nutrition and metabolism», «Blood analysis in fitness and sport»

🔺 Kangoo Jumps Licensed Instructor in a group program

🔺 Certified Instructor of Cycle and spinning by University of fitness «Fitness Star»

🔺Correction of Posture Course by VP Fitness Consulting

🔺 Certified fitness Instructor for pregnant women by Pedagogical College of Fitness

🔺 Certified Instructor of Children’s fitness by University of fitness «Fitness Star»