Kettlebell sport and fitness consulting 

Practical guidelines for fitness clubs, studios and owners, wishing to manage and develop kettlebell sport and fitness

It would also be relevant for personal trainers or group program instructors. The same management rules would be ideal for the employees who have never run a kettlebell club before but get an unexpected opportunity to fulfill their potential.

If you intend to transition from being a general fitness coach to being a kettlebell fitness coach, this consulting will help you to make this important step.

The consulting includes answers to all questions related to operating a kettlebell sport and fitness business. You will find guidance on how to skillfully work with kettlebells in your gym or studio, choose and motivate your team members, and cover expenses on personal training.

All recommendations and suggestions are real-life and can be applied at fitness clubs, studios or to individuals in every country.

About my managerial experience and

I gained my first managerial experience after graduation in 2010 from Saint Petersburg State Transport University (St Petersburg, Russia) with a specialization in financial management. I used to work Russian Railways, which is a huge corporation, as a marketer, corporate internal audit manager and accountant. Simultaneously, I was the head of the youth council at the October Railway and participated in the annual youth conference of Russian Railways where I presented different projects such as «Organization and management of meetings» and «Mobility center» which increased accessibility for disabled people within  Russian Railways. In addition to this, in 2011 I participated in international training for prospective managers at the Spanish railways ADIF/RENFE and Finland railways VR for active participation in development projects.

Half a year after becoming a fitness instructor I was offered the chance to be an Executive director of Eurofitness sports club (Saint Petersburg, Russia) which specializes in kettlebell sport (Russian — girevoy). My duties changed dramatically. I was heading a wide range of kettlebell sports events in our club with more than 100 participants. Doing the planning, organizing, managing and budgeting aspects of a sport event whose main purpose was related to promoting kettlebell sports and amateur kettlebell activities, I handled different aspects of fitness management, such as finance, marketing, leadership and facility management.

Lately, I have been working as a freelancer as a kettlebell coach by organizing and heading seminars and workshops around the world and teaching people how to lift kettlebells. I am also a scientist who is engaged in research and development in kettlebell sport. As well as a sport consultant who shares with you all my knowledge and experience in the organization of kettlebell sports activities through individual consultations.

Consultations about kettlebell sport and fitness are an important tool for owners, managers and trainers of fitness clubs and studios.

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